• For EEG, always prefer the “OpenMEEG BEM” model. for forward problems  Link
  • The mnemonic ‘spm’ for the coordsys is used to indicate this MNI-based convention.
  • Ft_volumerealign does not change the anatomical data, instead it creates a transformation matrix that aligns the anatomical data to the intended coordinate system.
  • MEG do not need to realign the channle locations , however EEG you need to realign the locations with Ft_volumerealign
  •  FT_VOLUMEWRITE exports anatomical or functional volume data to a Analyze
      or BrainVoyager file. The data in the resulting file(s) can be
      further analyzed and/or visualized in MRIcro, SPM, BrainVoyager,
      AFNI or similar packages
  • cfg             = [];
    cfg.filename    = 'filename';
    cfg.filetype    = 'nifti';
    cfg.parameter   = 'anatomy';
    ft_volumewrite(cfg, inputdfata);  ft_sourcemovie