after sucessfully connect with the matlab at the real time pace from Openbci,

we have another good choice to try with Openvibe

OpenVibe is writted by C++ by some guys in french.

they have lots of EEG modeules with high intergrated

from filters to alogrithms you coud ljust draw some lines to finish the preprocessing

iterms :





1. plug in the dondle and turn on the Opnebci Board
2. download openvibe and install (here windows version)
3. click the openvibe_acuqisition_server
4. change the time delay from 2 ms to 5-10ms or an alter will be given: the device is high shifted.
5. choose the port you openbci using
6. link the data, then open the openvibe_design.exe
7. you draw some line and make configuration the start button, then enjoy this .

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WeChat Image_20170724151014