LinearRegression Ridge regression Lasso

LinearRegression  : simple linear regression output :array([ 3.03499549e-01, -2.37639315e+02, 5.10530605e+02, 3.27736980e+02, -8.14131709e+02, 4.92814588e+02, 1.02848452e+02, 1.84606489e+02, 7.43519617e+02, 7.60951722e+01])     Ridge regression : shrink the regression coefficients to zero output:     Lasso: least absolute shrinkage and selection operator, can set some coefficients

Neural circuit theories for primate cognition

想起来9月份在哥廷根马普所 参加了计算神经学的summer school 10天的课程 见到了几个大牛 最主要的碰到了其他16个同学 其中来自荷兰和德国的两位小哥  简直神一般的存在 自叹不服     Aim of the course The school features intensive lectures and advanced theoretical problem work by world leading experts. In contrast to most other courses in computational neuroscience, it is designed